Buika’s Take: Revitalizing Versions of Classical Spanish Coplas

Any one of Spanish descent and of keen interest in traditional music will definitely be able to identify some of the tracks in Buika’s second album Mi Niña Lola and her third, Niña de Fuego. That is because these albums, along with originals, feature classical Spanish coplas that would seem to have run their course in the industry.

However, these classical coplas are definitely far from being obsolete because of Buika’s fresh take on these popular songs. In fact, one of the famous coplas included in her album inspired the title of her second album. When you’d listen to her sing her own version, you would be pleasantly surprised at how revitalized and fresh they sound. Indeed, Buika once again succeeded in celebrating the heritage of the Spanish community where she had grown up in and in reviving the people’s interest in the coplas.

Buika and Limon: Making Great Music Together

Buika is one of the most famous artists when it comes to flamenco music. In fact, her huge following in the industry coupled with her successful stints in concerts and album releases gave her the recognition of being the Flamenco Queen. However, her brand is not just centered on flamenco; she also incorporates the musical styles of copla, rumba, jazz, soul, and bulerias into her music. Mastering the fusion is not an easy feat because you’d need to have a voice that would suit the styles and the soul to match the songs – that is what Buika was able to accomplish.

In 2008, she was able to elevate her status once again as one of premier artists of musical fusion when she teamed up with composer and producer Javier Limon. This partnership produced the widely-acclaimed album Nina de Fuego which featured her own compositions, songs written by Limon, and her own take on classical Spanish pieces. Buy her album through Amazon.com or iTunes to discover for yourself the beautiful music that Limon and Buika made together.

Buika’s Biography: The Rise of the Flamenco Queen

From her humble beginnings in the quaint Spanish island of Palma de Mallorca, Concha Buika has definitely gone a long way. Born Maria Concepcion Balboa Buika on December 3, 1972, this rising star of African descent has first discovered her love of music in her gypsy neighborhood. Her early exposure to the locale imbued upon her a passion for flamenco, copla, bachata, soul, and jazz which later on defined the brand of music that she is famous for. At 39, Buika continues to spread the love for the genres as she goes on numerous concerts and tours.

In her early days as a budding musician, she had worked in relatively small musical projects that ignited her passion for the arts and eventually paved the way for bigger gigs. Unknown to many, she has also worked in Las Vegas casinos as a Tina Turner impersonator but when she released her album Mestizuo in 2001 and the array of albums thereafter, she has finally stepped out of the shadows of a very popular singer to become a star in her own right. To date, she had been nominated to the Grammy’s, chosen to collaborate on a hit with Nelly Furtado, and garnered a huge following of loyal fans. Check out her official website buikamusic.com to learn more about this superbly talented artist and why she has been hailed as the Flamenco Queen.

Buika’s Charm: Why More and More People Are Loving Her

With the sheer number of people joining the music industry with their own interpretation of “music,” it is quite fulfilling to find a true gem. Buika started out just like any other singer who aspire to get her music out there and be heard but when you are really, really good at something, you will inevitably get noticed. From gigs in casinos and local musical productions, Buika has risen to new heights with hugely successful albums and a steady following on her tours.

What draws people to her is the soulfulness of her voice. When you listen to her croon, you just can’t help but fall in love with her depth and the sincerity behind every single performance. Who can resist the charm of an artist with a stirring voice pouring her heart and soul out every time she sings? Indeed, Buika is the real deal and a perfect example of what a true artist is.

Discovering Buika: Must-Have Albums from a True Artist

If you have a taste for flamenco, copla, jazz, and rumba, ‘you are surely going to enjoy the music of Buika. From humble beginnings in the industry, Buika has reached new heights with songs that indubitably carry her unique brand. If you would like to go home to soothing music that can help you forget all the hustles and bustles of life on the go, Buika will definitely be your kind of artist.

Some of her much-acclaimed albums include Mestizuo in 2001, a self-named album released in 2006, Mi Nina Lola in 2007, Nina de Fuego in 2008, El Ultimo Trago in 2009, and En Mi Piel in 2012. These are just some of her works that you must check out and soon you’ll discover just how much you are missing. Check out Discography when you visit her official website buikamusic.co to get first dibs on her latest tracks.

Finding the Best Deal on Buika’s Albums

Are you a huge Buika fan? Well, after watching her in one of your moving performances or even just after listening to her unique fusion of musical types, who wouldn’t? If you would like to get a collection of Buika albums just within your reach when you need some fluid jazzy tracks to soothe the day’s stress away, you don’t have to worry about having a tight budget because with just a few clicks, you will be able to find amazing deals on Buika’s albums.  With the right dose of resourcefulness, you will be surprised at the number of sites offering great savings on such awesome albums but here’s one of them to jumpstart your search.


If you would like to get the dibs on Buika album deals, this website is definitely worth checking out. For instance, you can get one of Buika’s latest, En Mi Piel, for $16.21. You could also opt to buy on a per-MP3 basis from among the 26 hits under this album. Also available are Buika’s previous albums and songs which you should check out as well to complete your collection.

Flamenco Queen Soars: Buika’s Tour Schedule

Dubbed as the Flamenco Queen, Concha Buika continues to soar with her stirring brand of music and her honest performances. She has definitely garnered much acclaim in the music industry and is proving to be quite in demand. If you are an ardent fan of Buika or just someone who’s out looking for an ultra-talented artist passionately performing great songs, you are in for a treat because Buika has a lot of concerts and tour scheduled throughout the year. Here are some dates and places where you can watch her perform.

Harvard Tour

Watch out Harvard because Buika is going to blow you away! Mark your calendars on the 19th of October because a true artist is performing live in the Sanders Theatre from eight to ten in the evening. Take a break from the arduous academic requirements because it will be a show worth your time.

Stony Brook Concert

On the 20th of October, Buika will be invading the Big Apple as she performs in the Staller Center for Arts in Stony Brook, New York. Get set for this stellar event and indulge in smooth and soothing musical concoction that Buika delivers.

These are just two of the many shows that she is set to do for the rest of the year. Don’t miss out on her tours. Visit her official website buikamusic.com for her tour schedule because she her next show may just be somewhere near you.

Following Buika: Some Fun Tips for the Flamenco Queen’s Fans

It definitely does not need a genius to figure out why people are going gaga over Buika. Aside from her unique fusion of multiple musical genres and a soulful voice, she also has the rare ability to make you believe every note she sings during her performances. Who wouldn’t go head over heels for that? Well, if you are an avid Buika fan, here are some fun facts that you should know about to indulge in the ultimate Buika craze.

Join the Official Fansite

Would you like to share your thoughts on her songs and other details about your favorite artist, you can definitely join the official fansite at buikafans.net. Enjoy the interactions with a community of people who know great music when they hear it, like you do.

Follow Buika

No, this is absolutely not an invitation to stalk her. If you’d like to know the latest about her and other information she’d like to share, you can follow her on twitter or facebook, among others. You can also subscribe to her on Youtube to watch her videos anytime you want to. If you’d like to get the list of sites you can use to follow her, visit Buika’s official website buikamusic.com.

The Music of Buika: The Formula to her Perfect Blend

Unique – this is the one word that comes to mind when you’d listen to the songs of Concha Buika or at least, one of the words along with “wow” and “awesome”. She is one of those artists in the industry who are able to leave their own mark and incorporate their own signature in every song, in every project that they work on. Dubbed as the Flamenco Queen, her music for the most part include elements of flamenco, copla, jazz, and soul which she was exposed to in the vibrant gypsy neighborhood where she lived as a kid. Being one of the very residents of African descent in such neighborhood in the Spanish island of Palma de Mallorca, she has morphed into one of the island’s greatest icons, a true pride among the locales. Aside from the perfect concoction of various musical styles that characterize her songs, she is also known to deliver these songs with such deep honesty and credibility. This combination might just be the secret to her huge success in the industry.


Homebound: Buika’s Scheduled Concert in Equatorial Guinea

Although Concha Buika has been known to hail from the charming Spanish island of Palma de Mallorca in a lively gypsy neighborhood, she is actually of African descent. Unknown to some, this artist’s parents are originally from Equatorial Guinea who had to seek political refuge in the small island.

Despite this quite intricate past and the tension that shrouded their immediate flight to Mallorca, Buika will pay homage to her roots by culminating her year’s tour in the African country of her ancestors. She will be visiting and performing in Hotel Sofitel, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea on December 1, 2012 from 12 to 12 am. Interestingly, the scheduled tour is just a couple of days before her 40th birthday. Is this, perhaps, her own way of returning to the land of her ancestors and honoring her roots? Well, one thing is for sure: this event is definitely a must-watch.